Professional photograph restoration services are available in New Hampshire from Precious Memories by Unique Graphique.
Your photograph
can be restored without altering the original image. Digital restoration of photographs involves the scanning of the original photo into a computer and working with the digitized image itself in the computer rather than working on the original photograph. Prints on archival paper and CD files are then created from the scanned original. My experience as a graphic artist has given me a thorough knowledge of the software and hardware necessary to do this, and the color experience that is needed as well. My use of the photograph restoration software since it’s first application in the early 1990’s, has provided me with many years of experience in photograph repair and color correction. CLICK HERE TO GO TO for more information and samples.

How does it work?
Your original will not be altered. All restoration and retouching is done on a digital image of your original photograph. The completed image is printed with archival quality ink on photographic paper, and returned to you along with a CD of your repaired image and your original photograph.

How much does it cost?
Prices generally range from $25.00 for minor corrections to $125.00 for complex restorations. A minimum fee of $25.00 is charged on all orders. A free estimate is always available by contacting Precious Memories by Unique Graphique at:
(603) 566-6830, or by e-mailing Precious Memories, to set up an opportunity to review your photograph.

What is typically included in a restoration job?
A typical digital photograph restoration or photograph enhancement includes contrast adjustment, sharpness and color levels, as well as scratch removal and replacement of missing and/or damaged areas.

Is restoration possible with every image?
If an image can be scanned in, then it can be worked with in the computer. Restoration jobs and results vary in degree, according to how extensively the image is damaged. The best way for me to determine if an image is or is not a candidate for restoration is to examine it.
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